The treatments offered in our practice are accessible to all people and are not age-specific. However, there are certain groups of people who particularly benefit from chiropractic treatment. These include children, adolescents and athletes.

Nowadays, children and adolescents suffer more and more frequently from complaints such as abdominal pain, asthma, joint pain, headaches, teeth grinding and much more. Often the cause of the complaints is not found and it is recommended to take medication to reduce the symptoms. We try to find the cause and, if possible, eliminate it. This usually works very effectively with young people, as they quickly adapt to the stimuli and the symptoms can be reversed in a very high percentage. It does not matter what the complaint symptomatology is. In all cases, treatment of the spine can improve nerve supply, and thus initiate CNS-induced healing. As a rule, only a few treatments are necessary for this purpose, and they are painless.

Athletes are a special group here, which is why they must be mentioned in isolation. So many young people have the potential to develop athletically in such a way that they could work their way up to the national top, but are then prevented from continuing their training at the usual level due to joint pain, tendon problems, cardiac arrhythmias, headaches, etc. This also leads to a decline in performance and a decrease in the number of athletes. As a result, performance will also decline and the level achieved will be lost. For this, the athlete must ask himself why the symptomatology arises, and in other fellow athletes it does not. There is always a reason, and if it is found and eliminated, the sport can usually be practiced again as usual. This is invaluable for a young athlete, as it means that the career he or she is striving for, or at least the training he or she desires, is once again within reach. In these cases, the treatments are also painless and can induce healing by positively influencing the central nervous system. At the same time, the treatments prevent injuries, since muscles, tendons, joints and all organs benefit from the improved nerve supply. It cannot be emphasized enough at this point what this can mean for people in general, but especially for an athlete.

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